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Career Woman

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Career Path

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Career Possibilities

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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Accomplish Your Goals

Designing a career or finding a job that you love is a direct path to creating a life that is tailored to you. There are a few reasons for this:

1. You spend a significant amount of time at work, so whether or not you are spending your time is a way that you deem as satisfactory has a direct impact on your happiness.

2. Work is a way to express your natural talents and expressing your talents is fulfilling.

3. Career offers a way to help you express your purpose, or what you want to give back to the world. Giving back to the world adds meaning to your life.

4. Career helps you to connect with and serve people and that inspire you, and inspiration is a catalyst to help you design your ideal life.

5. Career gives you an outlet for your passion, and working within your passion keeps you energized to become all that you can be.

At Live Life Now, you get the opportunity to develop your career within the context of your total life. We view career/ job as a part of what makes up the total you and work to show you how to integrate it in the creation of your ideal life. Work to us to show you how to creating a resume that expresses your core value, not just your work history but what you really bring to the table, learn strategic interviewing and networking skills that allow you to market from the heart, and search for a job in a way that allows you to remain in mental, emotional, and physical balance while still getting quality leads. Tired of where you are in your current career? We can offer you information to assist you with changing careers, or entering the workforce after earning your initial or secondary degree.

Plus, we offer information and guidance on everything you need to know about mid life career transition, getting a job, workforce re-entry, entering the workforce as a new college graduate, and climbing the career ladder.

Seeking to start a business? We can help you decide what fits with the vision of your overall life and show you how to get there. Stop settling for less, we can help!

Take our career quiz to find out if you are in a career that fits you.

Quiz: Does your resume reflect your individuality?

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Life Coaching

7 Steps to Maximized Living

Seeking the seemingly elusive path to a happy and fulfilled life? Why not think about creating an ideal life?

What is an ideal life?

A life standard based on a set of intentional choices and methods that allows you to gain control of living joyfully and getting what you want, while tapping into who you are at your core so that you can live authentically.

Creating your ideal life is our central goal and purpose at Live Life Now! The key to doing this is getting started and staying focused on the process until you get what you want. Ultimately, to get what you want, you must develop greater and greater clarity about what you want, learn how to recognize and work through your own personal resistance, and move around those inevitable obstacles that pop up out of nowhere.

The great thing is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Let us help you by:

• Helping you to gain clarity on what your ideal life looks like

• Guiding you to take actions that are the best use of your time

• Designing a step by step plan that works for your personality and lifestyle

• Offering you a format for daily action plan management

• Teaching you a step by step system that allows you to take ownership of the process

• Offering do- able action steps so that you can really make progress

• Showing you a charting process that allows you to track the progress that you have made

• Working one-on-one with a coach to help you through the rough spots

• Teaching you the stages of change so that you understand how change

Call us for a free strategy session if you are ready to get on the road to creating your ideal life!

Do you know the hidden signs that you are self-sabotaging your dreams?

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Life Empowerment

An important part of designing and creating your ideal life for the future is to learn what is holding you back now. Past or present hurts that you don’t have a resolution for can interfere with your ability to move forward in life. Even small emotional blockages can have a huge impact on your progress. We all encounter emotional blockages that keep us from living our maximum potential and thus making our life what we want it to be.

A licensed professional counselor can help you to become empowered to work through past hurts, handle relationship and family issues, marriage problems, and grief that is keeping you blocked. Working through these types of blocks and learning the best way to resolve them unlocks a wealth of creativity that can help you design your life in a way that is fulfilling. Once these are resolved you can then begin tapping into your purpose, passion, and utilizing your talent as an asset. No longer do your purpose, passion, and talent lie dormant. The end result: optimum health and well being which is foundational to a truly happy life.

Talking with a counselor can provide a powerful catalyst for change by offering perspective. In other words, talking out your feelings to a trained professional can give you room to explore your feelings and help you understand the bigger picture so you can start making changes. For many, this is just the step is needed to unravel the problem and get on the road to creating the life that you want.

Contact us to find out we can help you!

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Live Life Now! Tips To Share

Click the videos below for the latest in designing your ideal life using the areas of career, coaching, and empowerment counseling. Don’t forget to share with a friend!

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Ready to Create Your Ideal Life? Get on Board With Live Life Now!

True to its name, Live Life Now! seeks to help you get started with living right now, which means living authentically and up to your maximum potential. Our philosophy is that life is not a stage rehearsal, it is happening right here, right now, all around and through you! Your life is far too valuable to put your dreams on hold. Each individual can realize success in the present with clear action steps and individualized support to take these steps. We specialize in creating a safe space to explore how to create and shape your ideal life by focusing on the areas of career, life planning and goal setting, and empowerment counseling. We seek to establish a meaningful relationship that will help you to understand that you are a truly powerful individual who can have what you want through making meaningful choices and planning your steps.

Though we share formulas and ideas that are proven to work, we strive to always be sensitive to your individual needs and therefore tailor the work that we do to fit your lifestyle and needs. As a result, you will come away with ideas that work for you, which is important because when you have something that works specifically for you, you will have more confidence in using the strategy and it is more likely to be successful. Confidence is important in keeping on track toward creating your ideal life and staying focused despite barriers.

No matter what area you prefer to work on, we are here to help with heartfelt sincerity. Why? Because we have been there! Let us show you how you can have the life of your dreams through learning the keys that make a difference.

Contact us for your free strategy session to find out how we can help you!


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“I am extremely happy with the service provided by Live Life Now! The service from start to finish was exemplary and professional yet friendly and far exceeded any expectation that I had. I learned so much and the coach guided me in making some critical career decisions that benefited me tremendously”. C. Redd, Atlanta, GA