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Career Coaching Atlanta, GA

Career success takes planning and follow through.


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Counsling Atlanta, GA

Career Assessment


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Life Coaching Atlanta, GA

Career coaching is a recipe for success!


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Ideal Life Counseling Atlanta, GA

Career Coaching

Ideal Career

Vocation is your “calling”, or purpose expressed through your work. Career is the path through which you express that purpose, and job is the set of duties that you do within your career. In this context, work is viewed as a path of expression and contribution rather than a temporary means to an end. I can help you to understand how your vocation is part of what makes up the total you and show you how to integrate it in the creation and development of your ideal life by helping you to discover your:

*Powerful Personal Connections (PPC)

And how these are the keys to getting you unstuck and developing your ideal career/ job.


Ideal Life Coaching

Steps to Maximized Living

Are you ready to get the most out of life? To find the consistent happiness that you have always looked for? In this program you will learn the secrets that many struggle to discover to be happy and remain happy. Helping you to create your ideal life through facilitating change and taking action is my central goal and purpose for the work that I do at Live Life Now! The key to doing this is getting started and staying focused on the process until you get what you want.

Using the methods you learn in coaching, you will learn to apply practical tips to better manage your time, live your purpose, enhance your relationships, increase your finances, and enhance overall well-being and happiness. Life is for living now, and through these steps I can help you to find your path to fulfillment.

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Life Empowerment

Does life sometimes seem overwhelming? We all have times when we simply need to talk to someone. At Live Life Now we offer confidential consulting and counseling from a licensed professional counselor. I provide an objective listening ear to sort out your thoughts and feelings.

Read: 5 ways to move past hurt and use it as a stepping stone.

Want more tips on dealing with challenges and moving past hurt? Contact me, I’d love to talk with you.

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Optimizing Mental Well Being

The Dynamics of Personal Organization

Ready to Create Your Ideal Life? Get on Board With Live Life Now!

True to its name, Live Life Now! seeks to help you get started with living right now, which means living authentically and up to your maximum potential. Our philosophy is that life is not a stage rehearsal, it is happening right here, right now, all around and through you! Your life is far too valuable to put your dreams on hold. Each individual can realize success in the present with clear action steps and individualized support to take these steps. We specialize in creating a safe space to explore how to create and shape your ideal life by focusing on the areas of career, life planning and techniques for working past obstacles and blockages. We seek to establish a meaningful relationship that will help you to understand that you are a truly powerful individual who can create what you desire through making meaningful choices and planning your steps.

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“To make any dream a reality, you must resolve the tension between the creative inspiration and the ability to give it form within the limits of existing structures. People come to a crossroads when it comes to living the life of their dreams because they have wonderful visions but are either unwilling or unable to create the necessary structures or to effectively interface with existing structures.”

-Laurence G. Boldt, from How to Find the Work You Love


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“I am extremely happy with the service provided by Live Life Now! The service from start to finish was exemplary and professional yet friendly and far exceeded any expectation that I had. I learned so much and the coach guided me in making some critical career decisions that benefited me tremendously”. C. Redd, Atlanta, GA